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    Stepping into GRACITY is like being in a fabled land. But this time it is a real expression. The student is ushered into an academic environment anchored on the Almighty God. The environment itself is full of God’s glory. There is brotherly love and affection amongst staff and students.

    For our new students, you are ushered into the presence of the Almighty God. To our parents, the contact you are making with GRACITY through your children/wards is a contact of abundant blessing, prosperity and godly protection upon you, your family and business. It is the beginning of the greatest testimonies of your life time.

    At Gracity School, our team of smart professionally trained, experienced, dedicated and highly motivated teachers and care-givers are on hand to meet the physical, academic and emotional needs of the learners. Every child is unique and peculiar so we strive to provide a stimulating education experience to every learner according to his or her needs and abilities. Teacher/pupil relationship is cordial and mutually beneficial.

    Our Programmes


    Discover a nurturing environment where your child’s potential blossoms, ensuring a foundation of lifelong learning and happiness at our cherished creche/reception.


    Experience an exceptional nursery school where holistic education, innovative teaching, and a supportive community empower your child for a lifetime of success.


    Primary School

    Discover our institution dedicated to nurturing young minds, fostering critical thinking, and preparing students for a future filled with academic achievement and personal growth.


    Discover a secondary school where academic excellence, character development, and boundless opportunities prepare students for a bright future.


    Our Facilities are Well-thought out to help the Growing Minds

    We have gone the extra-mile to ensure your children have a well-rounded education having touchpoints with facilites that ensure experiential knowledge with profundity giving them equal opportunities as their counterparts from anywhere on the globe.

    Efficient Transport System

    Availability of efficient transport system to ease the mobility of students to and from school.

    Sports Facilities

    We have made provisions for our children to unleash their athletic prowess, keeping physically and mentally fit.

    Music Facilities

    We create a musical environment where our students can sharpen their musical skills and talents through classical and inspirational musical training

    ICT Laboratory

    Well equipped Information and Communication Technology laboratory to keep the students well informed and up to date in the digital space such that they can compete with the trend and be digitally skilled enough to make them relevant.


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    What Our Parents Say…

    If you want your child to be in a place where he will get the best at an affordable price then Gracity is the place to be. At Gracity schools they keep their word, Excellence is key, Values & Morals are maintained & taught to learners. The interest of the learner is paramount. Learners are raised to be future leaders & captains of Industries in the future.

    The school is a warm, nurturing and academic environment that has transformed my daughter into an avid and successful learner. The management has exceeded my expectations in developing both her academic and moral standards. I appreciate the board and management for seeing my daughter through her high school. Gracias!!

    Gracity School is a school with good teaching facilities and a culture of good interaction between teachers and students. There is high level of discipline in the school and thanks to them for the extra curricular activities.